Frequently asked questions

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Why In Home Training?

Your dog lives with you at home. This is where they are most comfortable, which makes their training more effective. It is also the safest and best way for your dog to learn. Working inside your home allows us to easily fix problems such as counter surfing, eliminating inside your house, digging, scratching, barking at strangers walking by your house, etc…

I use a balance training approach when working with your dog. I train with positive reinforcement, such as treats, praise, balls, etc. & redirect any unwanted behavior. Dogs need praise and correction both. You cannot stop unwanted behaviors by bargaining with your dog. This is why a balanced training is important. 

Yes! I work with dogs all breeds and ages.We focus on helping you and your dog live their best life through proper obedience training and behavioral modification. All breeds young and old deserve a happy life with their family!

There are many factors involved in training your dog, including your environment, your dogs genetics, and how committed you are to training your dog. You are the most important factor in your dog being Well-Behaved. 

I cannot guarantee how you or your dog will react in any situation, so there can be no guarantee. However, I can guarantee if you follow the training protocol you will see a difference in your dogs behavior. I can also guarantee that we will train your dog without pain, fear, or force. 

It is important to train your dog from the first day they arrive home. Showing your dog your expectations day 1 helps prevent unwanted behaviors. 

This depends on you and your dog.

Repetition and consistency is what makes you successful in your dog’s training.

We begin with an initial consult. This is approximately 90 minutes long and is at your home. When I arrive we will discuss your goals and concerns for your dog. This includes getting to know you, your dogs history and personality, and assessing their environment. We develop a plan and establish clear goals that allows us to move forward with training. You will be provided with some recommendations and solutions day 1 to get you started on the right track. 

  • One-on-One personalized training at your home
  • Handouts and training exercises
  • Text, phone, and email support within business hours.

You will learn how to “Speak Dog” and manage your dog in day-to-day life situations. I will personally coach you one-on-one in the following areas:

  • The importance of body language – both you and your dogs
  • Your dogs routine
  • The importance of being a good pack leader 
  • Basic and advanced commands 

Tri-Cities and surrounding areas

Travel fees may apply.