Helping owners strengthen their relationship with their dogs through clear communication.

I will teach you to "SPEAK DOG"
Through our training program your dog will learn to respond and respect you when you tell them NO. You will learn how to correct any unwanted behaviors and retain your dogs full attention. Our In-Home Training program is not just inside your house. We train at parks and public places. This teaches your dog to maintain good manners everywhere they go. You cannot expect your dog to know how to act in an environment they’ve never been trained in.
Seeing the world from your dogs perspective allows you to understand how your dog perceives the world.

Services Offered

Private In-Home Training

Training that matches you and your dogs lifestyle. We will teach your dog how to behave in his/her normal day-to-day environment and listen to you and your family. We work together building the best life imaginable for you and your dog. Working inside your home allows us to easily fix problems such as counter surfing, eliminating inside your house, digging, scratching, barking at strangers walking by your house, etc…

Advanced & Off Leash Training

Do you want your dog to have freedom off leash, while having a piece of mind they will come when called? We will teach your dog to have a strong recall in any situation no matter what is going on around them. You can take your dog in public places with confidence! Your dog needs to know basic commands before they can train off leash.

Obedience Training

House Training

Leash Training

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