Hello everyone! My name is Brandy Schoverling, I am the owner and trainer of EZ Dog Training. I decided to become a dog trainer because I love teaching and I have always had a passion for animals. This profession allows me to teach both dogs and people. I have a Masters degree (MBA) from King University and taught college prior to training dogs. I am a teacher first and dog trainer second. I believe having a Well-Behaved dog begins with the owner. Every dog has the potential to learn and be a Well-Behaved dog, no matter the breed or age. I do not train with force or intimidation! Training your dog is a perfect time to build a stronger relationship between you and your dog through love and trust. If your dog does not trust you, they will NOT follow you.

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Balanced Training

It is important to teach your dog to listen to your voice or follow your hand signals all the time! Listening should not be an option for your dog. We focus on developing good behaviors and eliminating undesirable behaviors. Your dog quickly realizes by listening they get a reward. Rewards can be treats, toys, praise, etc. Rewards are used to motivate your dog to follow each command and continue their good behavior. If “trained” correctly, behavior is not contingent on treats. Correction is used when they are exhibiting any undesirable behaviors.

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Behavioral Modification

My main focus is to provide transformative behavioral results for your dog and educate you “the owner” on how to maintain your dogs progress long term. Dogs, just like people have their own way of learning. How you live with your dog and your expectations for your dog varies per individual. Dogs do not come pre-programmed to live in our world, we have to teach them. Learning their language “Speaking Dog” allows us to train them in a positive, almost institutive way without force or intimidation. However, success does not happen overnight. It takes patience, dedication, and consistency. We will take your dog from “good to GREAT one play date at a time” and build the best life imaginable for both you and your dog.