Reward Based In-Home-Training

This training program is a great way for the entire family to be involved and learn vital skills that will teach your dog(s) to be spot-on with his/her behavior.

Success is the ultimate goal, but it takes time & effort. Being successful does not happen overnight. You have to participate & remain consistent, or your dog will revert back to his/her unwelcoming behaviors. Working with your dog should be enjoyable & rewarding for both of you! Understanding how your dog thinks improves your ability to communicate with each other. Clear communication is the key to life and a happy obedient dog. When your dog exhibits good manners, they are pleasurable for everyone around them and you can take them places with confidence!

Identifying your dog’s behavior where you & your dog spend the most time is extremely important! We can address their behavior immediately and redirect them. We will focus on your concerns, while incorporating basic manners and the essential guidelines.

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Kiss your Dog

Building a trusting relationship with your dog is important for success!

Positive reinforcement encourages your dog to continue their behavior he/she just learned. Dogs enjoy rewards for a job well done. Dogs learn by praise and consistency. It is important their reward immediately follows their good behavior. Verbally praising & rewarding your dog with treats, toys, or anything that motivates them increases the likelihood they will continue what they learned. Be patient with your dog & allow him/her time to react to what you are asking. Once your dog learns the behavior, you will adjust their reward schedule accordingly. You will always periodically reward them for doing a GREAT job. If trained correctly, behavior is not contingent on treats. When your dog successfully listens without being rewarded every time, you are doing GREAT!

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Proper leash training

Mannix & Caesar

Mannix's 1st time walking with another dog.

Tammy's 1st time petting a Pit Bull

Aggression is NOT breed specific!

Fur Baby's