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Brandy & Caesar

We are family owned and operated and take the responsibility of training your dog very serious! If your dog needs proper socialization, Caesar can help with that. He loves making new friends! Our goal is for you to have a well-behaved dog!

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Dog Paw

On our first meeting, I request that you contain your dog(s) in some way. You can use their crate, put them on a leash, or outside if you have a fenced in yard. This is for everyone’s safety. Dog’s are protective over their family & I want them to be comfortable with me being there

I use a balanced training approach when working with your dog(s). This means I train with positive reinforcement & redirect any unwanted behavior. We will use plenty of treats at first to teach and practice new behaviors, so make sure you have some. We phase treats out gradually and begin to substitute with more practical rewards. This consists of verbal praise, love & attention, playing ball, or anything your dog enjoys. If trained correctly, behavior is not contingent on treats. Your dog will eventually perform the desired behaviors even when you don’t have a treat. Practical rewards are what maintains a well-behaved dog after training is over.