Should we be concerned about our pets catching COVID-19?

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Pet owners are always concerned if they are providing adequate care for their fur baby. They worry if they are doing everything, they can to keep them safe & happy. Now pet owners have something else to worry about! Can your dog or cat contract the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus. The COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic and people worldwide are being infected and dying! Which raises concern about the health of our animals. They are part of our family and it’s our responsibility to keep them protected.

According to the World Health Organization Dogs can contract certain types of the Corona Virus, but so far, it is not an immediate threat. However, if your pet is around someone with the Corona Virus they should be quarantined because they can potentially become infected. If you are infected with the Corona Virus it is recommended that you limit contact with your pet. This will lower the chances of your pet being exposed to the virus through their skin or fur. It could also be passed on to another person that touches your pet.

The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus doesn’t seem to be a major concern for dogs or cats yet. Hong Kong has reported 2 cases of dogs that are currently being quarantined due to the COVID-19. According to the most recent test done on March 2nd one of the dogs is showing “weak-positive” results and the other dog is testing negative. These tests have been repeated multiple times since February.

The World Organization for Animal Health has concluded that the dog testing positive has a low-level infection. They stated, “it is likely to be a case of human-to-animal transmission.” The DNA sequences of the virus collected from the dog were “very similar” to the samples collected from humans.

The infected dog has been quarantined since February 26th and the dog’s owner was hospitalized with covid-19. So far, the dog has not shown any symptoms of the virus even though the results are showing a “weak-positive” result. It is still unclear what this means per pets transmitting the virus to humans. We currently do not have any evidence that shows dogs or cats can transmit the virus to humans. We need to proceed on the path of caution and protect our pets along with our self from this highly contagious virus!

To reduce the chance of your pet becoming infected you might want to consider wiping your dog’s paws when they come back inside with paw wipes. Everyone should also ensure they have food for their animals in case of a crisis. If you are concerned about your fur baby’s health contact your Dog’s Veterinarian, but NEVER abandon your pet! At this point pet owners should not be overly concerned but be aware. It is not recommended to buy masks for your dog at this time.

 The CDC has not reported any cases so far of animals being infected in the US. We should always practice good hygiene around animals for their safety and ours. Make sure you wash your hands after touching a dog or puppy, their food, and supplies. At this point try to avoid kissing your dog to help maintain a hygienic relationship and clean household environment.

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Everyone should be more mindful of hygiene and avoid anyone that shows any symptoms of the virus. The virus is transmitted by droplets produced by someone infected with the virus. The droplets are spread when someone coughs, sneezes or talks. Always cover your mouth and be mindful of others including animals. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and stay protected. For more information go to or